I Hold Sacred Space 

Space to breathe in that big beautiful first breath of life. 

Space to slowly release that last sacred breath of life. 

And space for the moments when the first and last breaths of life are in the same moment. The same hour. The same day. The same week.  The same month. The same year.  The same decade.

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Work with Me 

End of Life Support:

~Assistance with Essential Documents

~Life Review 

~Legacy Project Insight

~Vigil Planning

~Discussion of Body Disposition Options

~Massage and Energy Work  

~Grief Follow Up with Family Members 

Visits are tailored to the individual needs of each client.  Each end of life care visit is 60-90 minutes long.  

Energy Exchange: Sliding Scale of $44-55 per hour.  

Postpartum Help:

~Newborn Care Support

~Personal Care Support for the new Mama

~Big Sibling Care Support

~Meal preparation 

~Household Assistance

~Dog Walking 

~Massage, Energy Work, and a Listening Ear 

~Birth Story Processing 

Visits are tailored to the individual needs of each client.  Each postpartum help visit is 90-180 minutes long.  

Energy Exchange: Sliding Scale of $44-$55 per hour. 

 Sacred Ceremony:

~Home Funeral Facilitation

~Right of Passage Ceremony

(Exiting Life, Baby Blessing, Mother Blessing, Father Blessing, Big Sibling Blessing, Placenta Blessing).  

~Body Blessing (For Mama, Baby, or at the End of Life)

~Crossing a Threshold Oracle Card Reading and Meditation

~End of Life Vigil 

Facilitation, timing, and physical presence during 

Sacred Ceremony is tailored to the individual needs of each client.    

Energy Exchange: Sliding Scale of $55-$66 per hour.  

Death Midwifery Package: 

Initial Gathering (90 minutes):

We will meet in your home and check in with where everyone in the immediate family unit is at emotionally  and practically with processing the diagnosis.  Checking in with adults and children may be done together or separately depending on the family's needs.   During check in we can acknowledge and honor any fears or other strong emotions that may be present and ready to be witnessed.  We can also plan for what services will be most helpful for the family moving forward.  


4 Follow up Gatherings (90 minutes):

We can use each gathering to best meet the needs of your family.  Gatherings may include life review which is an opportunity for the person who is dying to review their life with gratitude and move through any resistance or regret that may be lingering.  Vigil and ceremony planning and preparation allows the family to explore what feels meaningful and comforting to the person who is dying during the last moments of life and beyond.  By discussing preferences for the last moments of life and beyond, some of the scary and unknown worries can transform into comforting and empowered plans.  

Grief Follow Up (90 minutes):

After your loved one has passed I'm here to hold space and witness whatever else needs to be shared.  We will also discuss other resources available to support your grieving family moving forward. 

Energy Exchange: $444 (Please note package does not include sacred ceremony facilitation or presence at the vigil)  

Bereavement Doula Package: 

3 Pre-Birth Gatherings (90 minutes):

We will meet in your home and discuss supporting the birthing person during the birthing process.  We will work together to formulate birthing plan(s) for different outcomes that arise before, during, and after the birth.  We will also explore ritual, ceremony, and/or support plans for the family during the postpartum period and beyond.  

Attendance at the Birth: 

I will provide support to the laboring person based on the preferences shared during our pre-birth gatherings.

2 Postpartum Follow Up Visits (90 minutes):

Gatherings will include checking in with the family about resources the family is already using or are in search of and hoping to use and holding space for the grieving process.  The second visit will provide the family with the opportunity to share and process their birth story loud if and when they feel ready to share their story.  

Energy Exchange: $888 (Please note package does not include sacred ceremony facilitation)  

Postpartum Help Package: 

One pre-birth Visit (90 minutes):

During this visit you will share with me your preferences, needs, and desires for postpartum support.  We will together make a plan that is personalized to your families needs.

Weekly Visit (5 hours each): 

During the first month of the postpartum period I will make a weekly 5 hour visit.  During this visit I may help with cooking meals for the family, doing light housework, older sibling care support, emotional support for mama, or help with care for new baby.  Tasks will be prioritized depending on needs that arise in the moment and the care plan we discuss during the pre-birth visit.  

Energy exchange: $777 (Please note that package does not include grocery shopping or meal delivery, for an additional charge those services can be added)

Connect With Me 

Are you ready to invite the sacred into a transition that has been labeled traumatic? 

Looking for a gentle, nurturing, nonjudgemental soul to hold space for you and your loved ones?

I'm ready to serve you with mercy, grace, and unconditional love.


Schedule a free envisioning phone call with Lauren Elizabeth.  Together we will uncover you points of fear and envision your sacred transition.


Schedule an  Envisioning Call

Text ENVISION to 224-234-5790 for scheduling options. 


What is an envisioning call?

An envisioning call is a free 15-20 minute phone conversation with Lauren.  During this call you will have the opportunity to share your vision for working with Lauren.  Lauren may ask you questions about your desires and goals for your work together and will also share how the ways she works with clients.  An envisioning call will give you an opportunity to determine if with Lauren will be a perfect fit for your needs.